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  • David Edwards

Taking your Trailer abroad?

If you’re taking a trailer abroad, you may well need to use the new DVLA trailer registration service. Rebecca Naylor from DVLA Vehicle Services gives the lowdown.

From 28 March 2019, registration is mandatory for all commercial use trailers travelling internationally with a gross weight of over 750kg. Registration is also mandatory for non-commercial use trailers that travel internationally and have a gross weight over 3,500kg.

The DVLA have announced that they have just successfully launched there new ‘Register your trailer to take it abroad’ service into public beta. You can now use this service to register and manage your trailers, and it’s designed to be really quick and user friendly.

Why you needed the service

You may wonder how the new service has come about. It’s to make sure that we meet the requirements of the UN 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, which the UK has ratified. This will come into force on 28 March 2019. The UK was already broadly aligned with the terms of the 1968 Convention, though a notable area of difference was that we had not introduced trailer registration.

Trailers in the mandatory categories have to be registered when being used internationally in countries that have ratified the convention.

Once a trailer is registered throughthe new service, DVLA will issue a secure trailer registration certificate by post and send email confirmation which includes authorisation to get a number plate made up for the trailer. The number plate must be displayed on the trailer and the registration certificate must be available to present to a foreign authority upon request.

So if you’ve got a trailer that needs to be registered by 28 March, make sure you do it in time.

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