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Keep your business safe with our Covid Shield Range!

During this uncertain time it is important to make sure that we are all doing our best to keep ourselves and those around us as safe as possible. Returning to work can be a source of worry for many with the Pandemic still in effect - and that’s why we’ve created our Covid Shield Range.

Face Shield

Our face shield is a great piece of personal safety equipment for employees that aims to keep the face protected from direct airborne droplets. 

We’ve made it comfortable for extended use with a secure, elasticated headband and Polyether brow foam.

It’s lightweight, anti-fogging and is perfect for glasses-wearers. 

  • Category 1 PPE Face Shield

  • Face Shield Manufactured in Polyester

  • Sizes: 330mm(W) X 230mm(H)

  • Total Unit Weight: 26gms

  • Elasticated universal headband provides a secure fit for all sizes

  • Packaged individually with instructions

  • Made in the UK in a clean environment to ISO9001:2015 manufacturing standards.

Pull Up Screen 

Our pull up screens are a great way to partition an office or working space to maintain safe working areas. They’re transportable, easy to clean and easy to set up. 

  • Can be linked together to create longer runs

  • 2m High x 850mm Wide

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to clean

  • Includes packing cary case for quick transport

  • Made from high quality PET plastic

Desk & Counter Shields 

We’ve also developed our Desk and Counter shields to protects employees, separating their working areas to keep them safe.

Our Counter shields are made of 3mm High Impact Acrylic and are designed with workshop, reception and retail workers in mind. They provide a safe working environment without hampering workflow.

Desk and Counter Shield

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to install

  • Made from 3mm High Impact Acrylic

  • Available in two sizes: 1M X 1M or 1M X 670MM

  • Custom sizes available, please contact us for more information

At Sandhurst Autoprint we are dedicated to helping keep staff and employers protected in their workplace. With our Covid Shield range you can make sure your employees have a safe and comfortable working environment. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

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