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Important changes to Number Plates

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Next year is all change for number plates, in this update we go over the timeline of all the important changes you should be aware of.



Green Plates

Green Plates can now be fitted to Zero emission vehicles.


January 1st 2021

GB EU Plates

GB Plates showing the Eurostars can no longer be fitted to vehicles. If vehicles have already been fitted with GB EU Plates then there is no need to remove or replace these but if traveling abroad you will need to display an oval GB sticker as shown below.


January 1st 2021

Black & Silver Plates

Black and Silver Plates can only be fitted to vehicles registered before 1980. The current “rolling 40 year” rule currently in place will be scrapped.


January 1st 2021


Fitting Plates meeting the new BSAU145e standard can now be used alongside Plates meeting the current standard BSAU145d

September 1st 2021

BSAU145e replaces BSAU145d

BSAU145e Plates are now mandatory on all new vehicles and when replacement Plates are required.

What is the difference between BSAU145e and BSAU145d?

1. New stringent tests added to ensure Plates are of a high standard.

2. Clearly defined spacing around the registration marks and clarification of details that must be shown i.e the outlet details and British Standard marks.

3. Registration characters must be one shade of black and not be removable.


For further information please contact our sales team today or view the below links:

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BNMA Number plate changes:

Visit for their original announcement regarding Green Plates:

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