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How Lipped Plates Can Benefit Your Business

Sandhurst Autoprint's lipped plates are designed to enhance vehicle personalisation and branding opportunities for your clientele, seamlessly integrating with your current offerings.

An Image of a Sandhurst Autoprint Lipped Number Plate

Key Features of Our Lipped Plates:

  • Custom Branding Options: Our lipped plates feature a dedicated space for full-colour logos, company branding, and contact details. This allows for an effective brand presence on the road, enhancing visibility and recall.

  • Superior Customisation: Offering a broad spectrum of customisation, these plates enable you to meet the diverse needs of your customers. From vibrant full-colour options to specific design requirements, our lipped plates cater to all preferences.

  • Durability and Quality: Manufactured with premium materials, our lipped plates are built to last. They maintain their appearance and functionality, ensuring long-term satisfaction for your customers.

  • Ease of Integration: We've designed our lipped plates to be easily integrated into your product lineup, allowing you to offer additional value to your customers with minimal adjustment to your operations.

An Image of two Sandhurst lipped number plates sitting on top of each other

How Lipped Plates Can Benefit Your Business:

Incorporating our lipped plates into your stock can set your business apart, providing a unique product that meets the growing demand for personalised vehicle accessories. Not only do they offer an enhanced aesthetic appeal, but they also serve as a tool for effective brand promotion for businesses of all sizes.

Get in Touch:

For more information on our lipped plates or to discuss how they can fit into your current offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to support you in any way we can, from providing product details to assisting with order processes.

Visit our website at or contact us directly at 01252 749808 for further details.

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