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GB EU flag plate prohibited from 1st Jan 2021

On Monday, 30th November, the government announced that as a result of Brexit, number plates with GB EU flags can no longer be fitted to vehicles from 1st January 2021. Existing GB EU plates already fitted to vehicles do not have to be removed but if travelling overseas you must display a GB oval sticker.

After 31st December 2020, the UK’s Brexit transition period with the EU comes to an end. As a result, GB EU number plates (as shown below) will no longer be permitted to be fitted to vehicles from 1st January 2021.

In legislation terms, the amended Statutory Instrument (Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) (Amendment) (EU Exit) (No. 2) Regulations 2020) confirms that GB EU flags are only permitted during the UK’s membership of the EU i.e. before the end of the Brexit transition period (see explanatory note regulation 4).

GB EU number plates will no longer be permitted to be fitted to vehicles from 1st January 2021.

Providing it was fitted before 1st January 2021, there is no need to remove your existing GB EU flag plate.

However, if you intend to travel to the EU in your vehicle, you will need to also display a GB oval.

We can supply you with a range of legal regional flags, including: • GB/Great Britain and the Union Flag • SCO/Scotland and the Saltire • CYM/Cymru and the Welsh Dragon • ENG/England and the Cross of St George

Please note, if you are traveling overseas your regional flag is not recognised as an official notifier that your vehicle is from the UK & must be accompanied by a legal GB oval.

For further information please contact our sales team today.

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