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Black & Silver Number Plates: The Law, Suppliers & Advice

What makes a classic car?

Since 2015 the DVLA has allowed any car over 40 years old to display the traditional black and silver number plates. This is a ‘rolling ‘40 years so any car registered before 1979 can now be classed as a Historic class vehicle for taxation purposes.

If you are lucky to own a plate from the very early days when they were first issued then you could be sitting on a fortune.

The first plate issued is widely believed to be ‘A’1 back in 1903, although some records dispute this.

In 2019 it was sold for a record £1.95 million!

Can I put Black & Silver Number Plates on my car?

Providing your vehicle is over 40 years old and you have registered your car with the DVLA as ‘historic’ you can fit our classic black and silver plates (see our website for details or contact our sales office)

Details of how to register your vehicle can be found on the website.

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