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  • David Edwards

🚦 Green Light for Green Plates 🚦

We are pleased to announce that Government officials have now confirmed the roll-out date for Green Number Plates:

DECEMBER 8th 2020

We are ready for the launch of the NEW Green Number Plates and already have stock available. The NEW Green Number Plates can ONLY be used on “FULLY” Zero-emission electric vehicles. We can offer either a ready Made-up Plate Service or White & Yellow “Green” Reflective panels/roll components for your own in-house production. The Government have also announced that National Flags can be displayed on top of the Green flash, these will be available on both reflective and acrylic components. Contact our sales team today to place your orders or for further information.

Why Green Plates?

The idea behind green plates is to make it easier for Zero Emission vehicles (ZEVs) to be visually identified, raising their awareness and supporting wider uptake.

The green plates will also help local authorities visually identify ZEVs for the purposes of locally-led policies, incentives & local communication and awareness campaigns.

It should be noted that until the above introduction on December 8th 2020, the Green flash is not a legally permitted design.

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